Gangsta Fag bio

‘He Wantz It’ lyrics :

I was hanging out with my boys one day
Just kicking back hanging out in L.A
When this dude drove by in this really funky Benz
I knew right away this mutha fucka had ends
It was a White dude about 30-something
He kept staring at me like he wanted something
He pulled me over and he asked for directions
I saw his dick was hard, so I peeped his card
I said you’re lying you no you aint lost
You want to suck my dick while I’m jacking you off
He said oh no there must be a mistake
I got a wife and a kid and I’m very, very straight
So I said take my number and my name
You can call me up when you’re sick of playing games
As he drove away, yeah I knew he would call
Cause if you’ve seen one fag then you’ve seen them all

Chorus 2X
He Wants It, What The Fuck You Need? He Needs It, What The Fuck You Think? Cause If You’ve Seen One Fag Then You’ve Seen Them All!

So I knew that he’d be climbing the walls
One week later and he finally called
He said his families gone for a week or 2
And he was really bored and needed something to do
So I drove to his house up in Beverly Hills
A bomb ass house worth a couple of mills
He said he wasn’t gay he just wanted to chat
And a half hour later he’s massaging my back
In his bedroom he gave me some head
When in the next room and fucked on his kid’s bed
We fucked and we fucked like bitches in heat
I came on his back and all over the sheets
I knew I was done when I started getting soft
I grabbed the kid’s toy and I wiped my dick off
He’s lying on the bed still trying to recover
I’m dressed and I’m out as my car burns rubber


The dick was so good that he just couldn’t pass up
So all that week I was tearing that ass up
Cause he loves to ride em and he loves to suck em
And after I was done I let my homeboys fuck em
Now his punk ass calls me every day
I told him we were through then he said he would pay
So now twice a week I’m getting paid to tap him
He laced me with the cash and the Visa Platinum
One week later the cats out the bag
Cause this mutha fucka started dressing in drag
I did my thing now I’m done with him
It’s time to cut him off because I’m done with him
He’s crying like a bitch and he’s starting to beg
He’s falling on the ground holding onto my leg
He’s screaming don’t leave please twisted G
But this is what you get when you fuck with me!

‘Why is my toy sticky? WHY???’

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